1. Are your products 3D Printed?

Yes, all of our Templates, Labels, Latches, Handles and Dividers are 3D Printed in-house using PETG filament.


2. Are you products Made to Order?

Yes, we make all 3D Printed products on demand which is why we can provide custom text and colour combinations. 


3. How should I look after my 3D Printed Product?

Please refer to the MATERIAL tab about PETG properties. 

Please avoid your 3D Printed Products from having prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and/or high temperatures as this can cause it to deform or warp, particularly if left behind a windscreen of clear Packout lid as this acts as a magnifying glass onto the product. 


4. Can I customise my product?

Yes, we offer CUSTOM text on all of our templates, labels, latches and handles. As well are custom colours. If there is a colour you're wanting but cannot find it on our website, please email info@3dpromelbourne.com.au and we can see how we can help!


5. Can I get a different colour to match my Company branding?

Yes, please email info@3dpromelbourne.com.au if there is a colour you want which is not shown on our website. We will see how we can help match to your company's colours. 


6. I have purchased a CUSTOM 3D printed product but want to return it, how can I do this?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on any of our CUSTOM products as these cannot be sold again due to the custom text. If your product is damaged and/or faulty please get in contact as we will replace damaged items as long as it is unused, you have the original packaging and has been kept following the care requirements of the PETG material. Photos and evidence of the above must be provided for damaged/faulty goods to be accepted. 

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