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  • Half Wall Half Shelve

    $150.00+per shelf

  • Half Wall Full Shelve

    $150.00+per shelf

  • Full Wall Full Shelve

    $180.00+per shelf

  • Full Wall Half Shelve

    $180.00+per shelf

  • Full Shelve

    $99.00+per shelf

  • Half Shelve

    $89.00+per shelf



Are 3DPRO products 3D printed?

Yes! All 3DPRO products are 3D printed at time of order.

Please note: As they are made to order and 3D printing can take up to 12 hours per print, there can be a delay on how many we can make per day.

Please be patient.

Are 3DPRO products made in Australia?

Yes! All of our 3D printed and Aluminium Shelving products are made locally in Melbourne, Australia.

What filament are used for 3DPRO products?

3DPRO exclusively uses PETG for all of our 3D printed products.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We offer FREE standard shipping on ALL orders over $50 of our 3D printed products (Australia Only). Automatically applied at checkout.

For PACK-A-SHELF products and all international orders shipping will be calculated at checkout.

What if I want a different colour to what is shown on the website?

No problem! For all custom orders please email info@3dpromelbourne.com.au

Can I put my own company name or custom text on the products?

Yes of course! Many of our products have a custom text option available on the product page and a text box is provided to type your custom text.

We also offer custom solutions for your business on other products. Please email info@3dpromelbourne.com.au and we will be in touch to discuss how we can provide a solution for your business.

Got an idea for our custom product not shown on our website?

Please email info@3dpromelbourne.com.au to see how can work together to produce custom products to fit your needs!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, 3DPRO offers worldwide shipping on all products.

Shipping is automatically calculated at checkout.

3Dpro Melbourne Take no responsibility for your country's Customs Taxes and/or GST on all orders made!