1. What do I use the 20L Pro Folding Bucket for?

Our 20L PRO Folding Bucket is versatile and perfect for every job!

- A rubbish bin on site

- Collect copper scraps for an Electrical fit off (yes, us Electricians can clean up too!)

- Load it up to transport your tools on and off the job site. 

- Carry materials from your vehicle to the job site, and around with you as you go!

- Carry materials onto the roof

- Collect water under sinks when removing pipes (it's waterproof!)

- An esky for Friday knock off drinks, just fill with ice and you're ready to go.

- Wash dishes or clothes while you're camping

- What can't it do?


2. How do I store the 20L Pro Folding Bucket?

 The 20L Pro Folding bucket is compact and foldable to maximise your storage!

Just fold it up once you're done using it and tuck it away in you vehicle, it can fit in those tiny spaces you haven't previously been able to use. 


3. Can I fill it with water?

Yes, it's waterproof! 

Make sure if you do plan to use it to collect water that you don't puncture the bucket in any way if putting sharp objects or power tools in it beforehand. It's heavyduty but sharp metal objects could cause a small puncture. 

Why not get 2? One for carry tools & rubbish and one for collecting water!


4. What are the side mesh pockets for?

 Whatever you like! We added these pockets so you could separate out the things you didn't want mixed up in the bucket. We like to use them for connectors, screws, phone, cash! Use them however you like, the possibilities are endless!


5. Is it heavy-duty?

Ofcourse! This bucket was designed by a Tradie for Tradies.


6. What weight can it hold?


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