Lets Get Organised! 

Our patented modular Aluminium Shelving System is designed to enhance storage solutions in vehicles, trailers, garages, workshops and more!

This innovative system is engineered for compatibility with the Milwaukee Packout system, providing a versatile and robust organisational tool. Constructed from heavy duty, laser-cut, and folded 5052 aluminium, the shelving system features adjustable shelves, customizable configurations, and secure mounting options.

The design includes modular components such as:

  • A) Full-width shelf
  • B) Half-width shelf
  • C) Full-height walls (450mm high)
  • D) Half-height walls (250mm high)
  • E) Packout dual slider

All sold separately to allow you to tailor it to your own specific needs and wants!

The system’s modularity allows for easy customisation and reconfiguration to meet specific user needs, offering significant improvements in storage efficiency, accessibility, and space utilisation. 


 STEP 1: 

Watch Luke from ElecPro set up his van on youtube to give you some tips and tricks!



STEP 2: 

 Measure your required space availability in your desired location: 

- Height x Width x Length


STEP 3: 

Takes notes of what Packout boxes you currently have and what you may want in the future

- This will help you determine how many shelves you need (full width or half width shelves)



 Use our online 3D builder to design a modular system that will fit in your desired space

- (CLICK HERE)  to build your dream setup (beta mode)



 Choose if you want shelving and walls to be on a dual slider or fixed in position 

- Some tradespeople want their Packout to slide out from your vehicle 

- Some tradespeople just want it fixed in position (stationary walls and shelving) 

or a combo of both!


STEP 6a: (with dual slider)

So you want to be a PRO and use our dual slider?

- Our dual slider comes pre-assembled for (right-hand use) but the slider top can be flip 180 degrees to allow for left-hand use)

- Our dual slider can be used on its own and allows you to lock in your packout boxes 

 - Great for areas with limited height availability eg: utes with roller cover


- You can add our pack a shelf walls and shelving on top of the dual slider to maximise your storage.

The ultimate way to be more organised and efficient on site. 


STEP 6b: (without dual slider) or adding walls and shelves to slider

Want to have stationary Pack a shelf walls and shelving?

- 1. Pick how many Pack a shelf walls you need 

We have two modular options for walls: c) full height walls 450 mm in height and d) Height height walls 250 mm in height

Each walls have 20mm lip with m5 threaded holes top and bottom to allow the walls to stack on each other 

Each walls has side holes every 15mm allowing the shelves to bolt in any desired height! 



Now let's choose what size Pack a shelf shelves you need

- We have two modular options for you:

A) Pack a shelf full width shelf (great for all standard size packout - drawers - full width items)

B Pack a shelf half width shelf (great for ammo can, half width organisers, etc) 

Both size shelves work with our walls and could use a combo of both

Example: You only have 1000mm in WIDTH available: You could use a full width shelf (625mm wide) next to a half width shelf (320mm wide) = total width: 945mm 



 How many shelves do you need?

- There is no simple answer to this but that's why our system is so vertisal and customisable to your needs!

If you have 2 x sets of drawers that you need stacked on top of each other, you will only need 2 x a) Full width shelves and your 2 x c) full height walls (900mm in height)

But if you have 2 x c) full height walls (900mm in height but you have 6 x slimline full width packouts) and want all of them to be on a individual shelf each. Then you will need 6 x a) full width shelves. 

Its endless options to suit your needs. 



You have your dual slider, walls and shelves sorted now?

Add each item individually to your cart and check out through our online cart!

We ship worldwide or can do local pickup from our 3Dpro HQ (Melbourne, Australia)


STEP 10:

Install your new modular aluminium shelving into your desired space!

Welcome, You are now a PRO! 

Enjoy being productive and efficient on site, so you can spend more time off site doing what you love off site! 

Watch how our shelving will boost your productivity allowing you to complete jobs in record time. Not spending 20mintues looking for a 10mm socket, because your van is a complete mess.


STEP 11:

Still confused? That's okay, designing the perfect modular system is hard! 

BOOK IN A CONSULTATION CALL with our founder Luke via phone call, zoom or in person at our Melbourne 3DPRO HQ. 

Its fully redemple on pack a shelf products when your happy with your design!



- Want to become even more of PRO tradie?

You have all this milwaukee packout and no idea whats in each packout?

Using our 3Dprinted labels and latches to customise your stack!

 - Telling your apprentice where your 90mm hole-saw is, knowing its in a packout with a label. Your apprentice will only take 30 seconds and not 10 minutes .... maybe... 

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any apprentices who are not capable of simple instructions'!




Follow the journey of 3Dpro!

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