1.  Do you offer install? 

No, we currently do not. Our modular designs is very easy to bolt together yourself!


2. Do you offer local pickup?

Yes we do, you can select local pickup at checkout. All orders to are to be picked up from 3Dpro HQ in Melbourne Australia


3. Does your pack a shelf dual slider lock in place? 

Yes, Our dual slider locks at full extension and when closed. The slider can not unlock without pushing down on both triggers.


4. I have a total height of 800mm in my van. I can not fit 2 x c) full height walls 450mm stacked. Can I cut them down? 

No, Please do not cut down your walls to fit. Our C) full height walls 450mm and D) half height walls 250mm can stack on each other as well. In this scenario, you could use 1 x c) full height walls 450mm and 1 x d) half height walls 250mm to create a total height of 700mm.


5. Can your pack a shelf walls and shelving stack on top of your dual slider? 

Yes, We have pre-threaded holes on the dual slider (m5) to allow you to mount walls on top of your slider


6. How do I mount the Pack a shelf walls to my vehicle?

Each vehicle is different on how you mount our products

Each set of walls have a top and bottom return lip with pre-made 5mm holes to mount to the floor/ceiling

Each set of walls also have a back return lip with pre-made 5mm holes to mount to a wall


7. I noticed the ELECPRO van has a half width packout on the side of walls? How is that possible? 

Correct, using a B) half width shelf mounted vertically to the side wall! The pre made holes line up with the side walls holes to directly bolt to it. No drilling required 


8. Can the pack a shelf dual slider be used on the left side of my vehicle? 

Yes, our slider comes pre-assembled for right hand use! Simply unbolt the top part of the slider from the sliding rails, twist 180 degrees and re-bolt back the sliding rails. Our slider top has a symmetrical side allowing for left- OR right-hand use!


9. Can you mount the a) Full width shelves to walls and floor without the pack a shelf walls?

Yes, Our full width shelves and half width shelves have a return lip with pre made 5mm holes to allow you to mount the shelves directly to the floor or wall!

Bonus tip: If you mount a full width shelf upside down on a wall, you can hook on the back of a Packout Crate to it!


10. Do you have an online 3D builder to design a system to suit me? 

Yes we do! Please click the link here to use our 3D builder: https://3dpromelbourne.com.au/pages/planners


11. Does the slider sway from left to right with walls and shelves on top? 

Yes it will. You need to install a X brace on the back side of slider to stop rocking motion.

See our YouTube video here from time 10.06 minutes for a better explanation:



If you have any more questions about Pack a Shelf that we did not cover,

Please email the team at info@3dpromelbourne.com.au 

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