We're an Australian owned and operated business, created by our Founder Luke, who is an Electrician himself. 


3DPRO was born out from the needs of our Founder in his own Electrical business to make his Van set ups more efficient and organised for himself and his workers!


Our mission is to help all Tradies become more efficient and organised on the job site, so they can start working smarter!


Becoming more organised can allow you to:

- Grow your business.
- Get jobs completed faster meaning more profits at the end.
- Stop wasting time which could be spent on better things such as with family and friends. 
- Present well to current & potential customers.
- Minimise damage to tools, products, and accessories which get chucked in your vehicle or buried under eveything else. 


    Being in the Trade, we know what Tradies want: 

    Our products are designed to be:

    - Heavyduty
    - Easy to install
    - Modular & able to adapt as your set up changes overtime
    - Made to make your life easier on the tools 
    - Maximise your storage
    - Organise your set up (so the apprentice always knows where something goes)

      Follow the journey of 3Dpro!

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